Benefits of SSD Hosting

Major Benefits of SSD Hosting over traditional HDD Hosting

Technology is now spreading its branches into every nook and corner of the world. While tech advancements bring us the latest gadgets, they have their pros and cons. In this article, we discuss the benefits of SSD Hosting over HDD Hosting. Nowadays, whenever anyone searches for web-hosting, one of these two acronyms are common in nearly each host. SSD and HDD are two different types of storage disks utilized by web hosting companies and it is important for you to know which one is better. Though both are efficient ways of storing files, the SSD hosting has some compelling advantages when compared to HDD hosting.

SSD vs HDD – The Difference
HDD stands for hard disk drive; it represents the conventional hard drive style in which an actual physical disk spins and stores data. This is less efficient because, in order to access data, there is always a slight delay while the disk spins. Compared to this, the SSD, which stands for solid state drive, is more efficient since there is no physical disk spinning inside. All the data is stored in microchips and since there are no moving parts, the SSD can load data faster, giving you maximum efficiency.

Benefits of SSD Hosting
It’s not much of a battle when SSD is compared to HDD since the former offers better advantages to provide optimum performance.

  • Faster Hosting Speeds – The main benefits of SSD hosting is a faster website speed because of their faster functioning than HDD hosting. This will be better for you as the SSD can serve up data faster, enabling your site to load up quicker.
  • Better Data Security – Another benefit of SSD hosting over HDD hosting is data security. HDDs are more prone to mechanical failures since they depend on physical spinning which results in data loss, making the SSDs more reliable as they resist physical damage.
  • Executes Requests Faster – SSDs give a better hosting performance. Unlike HDDs, they can simultaneously read as well as write data and as a result, SSD hosting will execute web requests much faster.
  • Ideal for Database Intensive Uses – Important benefits of SSD hosting is that it gives you the best performance improvements while you are using a database intensive website since the HDD is generally the limiting factor on a database intensive site.
  • Lower Power Usage – SSDs generally use only 20% of the power required by HDDs, making it a more environment-friendly hosting.
  • More Reliable Performance – SSDs offer a more reliable performance as they do not suffer data fragmentation like HDDs, as they know exactly where all the data is.
  • Decreasing in Cost – Though SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, the gap is decreasing every day and currently, it is possible to get a budget-friendly SSD hosting.
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In conclusion, we can say that with affordable SSD hosting options available now, there is no reason to choose HDD hosting anymore.

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