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Install any App on Server by One Click Softaculous App Installer

Installing a web application for a website is not as simple as using it. It requires the user to have prior knowledge of databases and the PHP scripting language. It can be quite difficult for a novice user to follow all the technical jargon while installing it on Domain. But, as usual, this problem didn’t go unnoticed by staunch programmers and numerous solutions have sprung up as a result. One of them being the Softaculous App Installer.

Softaculous App Installer is a software that automates the process of web application installation. It only requires the user to mention his/her preferences for the website and the software handles the rest. It makes it as convenient as a one-click process by using pre-defined scripts to configure the application being installed.

Simply speaking, Softaculous App Installer runs those chunks of code which are common for the installation process and hence they don’t have to be memorized or typed again by any user. This software runs inside website control programs, cPanel being the most popular control panel being used.

Using Softaculous App Installer requires a login which is carried out via the website control program used. Then, the user can choose an application from a vast range of options which are present on the left-hand side of the homepage. The user is also given a choice to choose his/her preferred language, time zone and the appearance of side menus.

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The software also allows users to rate an application and review it. This helps the users to make an informed choice while downloading an application. The demo feature is another ingenious add-on. This gives the user a sneak-peek of the application and helps them visualize the app.

A majority of the applications handled by Softaculous App Installer have been implemented using PHP. Although, applications developed in other languages such as JavaScript and Perl have also been included in the list. Softaculous App Installer has around 432 scripts, covering a wide variety of categories. Some of them include blogs, microblogs, forums, portals, Wikis, social networking etc.

Softaculous App Installer also provides a No Objection Certificate to web hosts who are in possession of more than 5 servers. This is meant for large organizations which have huge data centers or large web hosts or dedicated service providers that wish to buy more than 5 licenses. This allows the buyer to purchase, renew and edit licenses and also provides an API to amalgamate the billing system with the software.

Refunding transactions becomes simpler and keeping track of transactions is made easier with the detailed invoice feature. The licenses are auto-renewed which makes the entire process of installing and using the application hassle-free. Softaculous App Installer is quite useful and reliable. It delivers an effective service and stands out from the rest of its competitors.

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