Server Rewind in RackState

What is Server Rewind in RackState Hosting and How to Do It

Data can be called as the world’s most valuable resource, required in every aspect of the modern society, data is the very foundation the field of scientifically, biological and technological advancements stand on. Since the beginning of time, human beings all over the world have dedicated themselves to inventing or developing the most effective data conserving system, which in order will maintain a steady and process of data exchange throughout the globe without potential data loss. We Rackstate also very concern about our customers data and backup, so we are providing special feature in every customer called Server Rewind in RackState.

The 21st century has come up with many such systems and devices which are masters of minimizing data loss and maximizing data preservation but that’s not where it stops, human beings have perfected technology to a stage where they can now even restore lost data. This process of restoring has changed the face of data exchange all over the world.

The Server Rewind in RackState makes file and database restoration on your website easier than ever before. Now, accidentally losing data on your website will never be an issue again. Restoring files is easier than ever before with just a few clicks. To easily restore files, go to the Rackstate SSD Server home screen of the cPanel and in the Files section, the option of Server Rewind in RackState is to be clicked. A date needs to be provided, this will be the date that contains the file or files which are to be restored. To expand any directory click the + icon. You will have to manually navigate to the file or files you want to restore from the provided date. Depending on whether you would want to overwrite the existing file or save it to a different location in your home directory, both the choices are provided under the Options directory.

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SSD Hosting Rackstate
In case of restoring databases, go to the home screen of the cPanel and in the Files section, the option of Server Rewind in RackState is to be clicked. The following step would be to click the Restore Database tab. This time, the specific date which is to be selected is the date that contains the database version which needs to be restored. Expand the date with the + icon. After that select the database which you want to restore. Then go to the Options directory and select the database which needs to be restored. Type in a location for restoring the file in the Write SQL into this location in my home directory text box. To finish the process and restore the database, click restore.

Server Rewind in RackState is that part of a system which has drastically changed the state of processing and exchange of data. With the least of data losses and the most of data preservation and data restoration, the world of technology, science, and morphology has taken a distinctive turn towards advancements.

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